Friday, June 15

Safe Arrival

After several hours of flying, sleeping on the cold, hard floor at JFK international and a ride in a planbe barely bigger than the average bus we have arrive safely in the dominican republic! Its very hot and quite humid but its not too unbearable.
It's not all great, however. For a start Bens luggage got lost and when we got out the airport we didnt know where to go cause an e-mail ISV supposedly sent us never arrived. After some long distance calls to the ISV US office, however, All was saved and we got a taxi to a Hotel where ISV put us up for the night. Hopefully ben will get his bags back when we go to the airport again later today.

Later today we are going to get shipped off to our volunteer project. This is where the 2 weeks of hard work begins. :)



P.S. Took my underwater camera in the sea yesterday and got some piuctures of us. It still works so I guess thats decent.

Wednesday, June 13

Heathrow express

Goose and i on the heathrow express. In 15 minutes we'll be at terminal 3. So far everything is going as planned. Whether adam turns up is a matter of debate. Im sure he will but its funny to imagine he forgot the time. 10 pounds for the heathrow express with a young persons rail card. Good value.