Saturday, June 30

End Of Volunteering Part

The volunteering part of my trip has ended now. We did loads. On the school we managed to get the walls a good 4 feet high and we cleaned and sorted most of the other classrooms so all the broken furniture was out the back. With the kids we managed to teach them a few things but they were greatful that we had come from afar to amuse them. One could say it has been incredibly fulfilling. Either way it has been a lot of fun and it has been one of the best experiences of a foreign country i´ve ever had.

Now comes the fun part, though. The adventure tour lasts for 2 weeks and is going to be fun. Today we went horseback riding to a waterfall. The waterfall was quite high and was cool but i couldnt help thinking of the plitvice lakes and how it compared. Even so here you can swim in it and there was a small cave behind the fall to explore. My underwater camera is going strong and it takes good pictures.

The hotel we are at now (thank god to be in a hotel) is called tropic bananna and is owned by a french man. The hotel is fairly nice, has a pool, and the rooms have AC. It has all the basics and the food is pretty good, although all the food would seem good after Fusimana where lunch each day was crappy sandwiches. I think the volunteering part makes you appreciate this part more fully.

Tomorrow we´re going to a small island called cayo levantado off the coast of Samana. It should be great fun. Hopefully i can update the blog more often on the tour as there will be mnore net cafes.

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