Thursday, June 7

Project Overview

We have finally received our project overviews from ISV. All the mystic details of what we were doing in the DR have finally been revealed.

The volunteering organisation we'll be hooking up with in the DR is called the community Service Alliance (CSA). They have a complex overlooking the mountains in the Puerto Plata region which supposedly overlooks the hills. They have a waterfall and the guy who runs the place is called Father Pepe.

The group of us going with CSA gets split into 2. In the morning one group builds houses and things for the nearby villiages and the other interacts with the local community. After lunch the groups swap round.

The nearest town is a while away so in the first 2 weeks I may only be able to post when we get outings to the local town on Saturday afternoon or Sunday. Hopefully I can then post the best of the pictures I take then.

So with barely over 6 Days until we depart we know what volunteering will be like. Its going to be good fun although I won't be able to drink on my birthday as CSA seems to have a no drinking policy. I'll have to find a way to get around that I think.

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