Tuesday, May 15


Everyone apart from me has their ISV manual delivered through the post now. I'm starting to wonder where mine is although I'm thinking only the postal service is to blame. Either way it means we know, to a certain extent, what we're doing in the DR.
The colourful manual was written in America and some of the bits have been "translated" into British or re-written to be from this side of the pond's perspective. Some bits have slipped through but that only makes it funny. The manual says that on the volunteering people will be sharing 4 to bed. We thought maybe that's what they do out there but apparently its a typo and 4 people share a room.
Anyway on to the meaty bit. What activities have I bought for my hard earned pennies?

  1. Waterfall Rappelling
  2. Surfing Lessons
  3. Snorkelling
  4. Horseback riding to a secluded waterfall
  5. Caving in the "Fun-Fun" caves
  6. Guided Tour of Santo Domingo
  7. Larimar Workshop (basically its jewelry making)
Sounds a bit wet at first. But we all got the optional activity package too for an extra £100. Apparently 95% of participants take the optional activity package. That means 5% are left at the hotel to entertain themselves.
The optional activities are:
  1. White water rafting
  2. Canyoning, rappelling, cliff jumping
  3. Boat excursion to Cayo Levantado
  4. Mountain Biking
  5. Windsurfing
Thats a bit better 12 activity packed days in 2 weeks. Thats a real adventure tour. 29 Days, 9 Hours, 15 Minutes, 41 Seconds to go.

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Jennifer said...

are you departing june 1st? im also going to the DR