Sunday, May 27

The Americans Fscked up...

Dear All,

We have been receiving some emails inquiring about the project overviews, that you should have received 30 days before your departure.

The project allocations are been carried out by ISV staff at our headquarters in USA. Due to a system breakdown which has affected the computers and servers at our office in the last week, some of you may have not received your project overview yet.

[...] The project overview contains detailed information about the project you have been allocated to, but none of the information in this document is essential.

Our technical problems are in the process of being fixed, and these overviews will be sent to all students in the next week.

Kind regards,


Still don't know what's happening when I get out there. But things are always more exciting when you don't know what you're doing so I don't really mind.

Only 17 days to go now before getting on a plane. Checked the hand luggage policy the other day and the airline still have restrictions in place. Only one small, clear bag is allowed with 1 personal item like a book, gameboy, etc. Will have to pack wisely.

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